You should always go for the best when you deserve the best.
The best property dealers with whom you can surely get the best returns Developing each day to become the best SWASTIK GREEN PARK enchants you with the aroma of nature placed in the branches of nature.

A piece of bliss Our customers are our family members.
We share emotions with them not just bricks and walls. LAKE VIEW allows you to enjoy the best features that one dreams of.

A healthier lifestyle in the arms of nature yet guarded with the best technologies.
PALM TOWN has been exclusively designed to charm your spirit and relax your mind and soul.

Beautifully crafted homes for you and your family.
Advantages related to finance like low rates of interests etc. are also available.
TWIN SPIRE helps you to accommodate into a clustered intellectual society that you have always wanted to be a part of.


Our Projects

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History Of an Extra Ordinary Brand

The Swastik group has pioneered the art of providing people with luxury and charm. Our elite clientele have bestowed us with the responsibility of their eminent properties. Our professionals offer you the best and exclusive properties to have a bite of luxury real estate.

Our main aim is to design and construct technically developed townships or building residents where one can sleep beneath the blanket of peace and harmony. We are fortunate to have specialists in every field who has strived hard to increase the boundaries of creativity and construction in Indian real estate market. With each passing moment our experience gains momentum and the professional team increases the creases of development.We have successfully grabbed the other facets like marketing and execution with the help of our employers. Engineers who work as a part of the Swastik group has also made us a quality developer.

It's Easy to Buy Premier Property with US

The Swastik group welcomes you heartily to the family. We do not treat our customers just as our client. We prefer to indulge them into our family which strengthens our relationship.
Over the years we have blossomed as a strong competent in the real estate market. We have evaluated the market well and have gone through every facet that a customer might need. We have successfully launched our projects like GREEN PARK, LAKE VIEW, PALM TOWN, TWIN SPIRE etc.

»  Customer satisfaction is our main motto
»  We like our customers to act as a part of our working family
»  We like to revise ourselves with the help of our customers
»  We allow customization